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  • Track Steps,

  • Calories,

  • Activity Time,

  • Distance and Daily Goal

  • Measure Heart Rate

  • Continuously with Five Heart Rate Training Zones

  • Monitor Sleep Quality Automatically

  • Vibration Reminder for Phone Notifications

  • Customize Your Smart Alarm for Better Habit

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Additional Info

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Suggested Use


1. Download the App Go to Apple App Store or Android Play Store, download our “  BIOFIT  ”application. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone.
Important : Please ensure that your Android OS is version 4.3 or above and iOS version is 7.0 or above and the device has Bluetooth 4.0.
2. Activate the Device
Before use, place the battery charger to charging the device for activation. The progress bar will change from empty to full to indicate full activation.
After activation, the device will start charging the battery.
3. Battery Charge
The battery indicator is displayed on the home screen of the device. In Heart Rate mode, when the battery of the device is lower than 40%, the heart
rate function will be closed and lower battery icon will show as below to remind you to charge the battery. You can still use the activity mode although the heart rate function is closed. In activity mode, when the battery of the device is lower than 10%, all functions are closed and only lower battery icon will show as below to remind you to charge the battery.
4. Activity Mode 
Touch the screen to cycle through each function display.
5. Heart Rate Mode
Long touch the screen for 3 seconds to enter into Heart Rate Mode at the heart rate screen, the heart rate icon will change from empty to full and then turn to
heart rate value. Long touch the screen again for 3 seconds to exit Heart Rate Mode to Main Screen. Please noted that you can only enter to Heart Rate Mode at the heart rate screen.
6. Sleep Mode
The device can recognize and calculate the sleep status without any action by
users. It will track your sleep hours and quality. If you wear the bracelet at the
night and set the alarm clock, then it will wake you up with slight vibration.
7. Phone Notifications
Set different notification on the app, the device will vibrate when users have incoming call, text message, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, QQ, etc.
8. Personal Reminder
Customize your personal reminder for better life habit, like pill time, drinking , water etc.
9. Set Workout Plan on App
Customize your workout plan on app, the device will gently vibrate to remind you to exercise more.
10. App Operation
a. Download the application named” BIOFIT ” From the Apple Store or Google Play and install into your smart phone.
b. Start using the mobile app with your Heart Rate Monitor
c. Go to “ personal Setting” to select Herat Rate Monitor in the searching  list by click “About Device”
d. Press the “HR Setting” to set your different Heart Rate zone
e. Go back to the home page and press Start and you are ready to go!
f. Heart Rate -When the device is in heart rate mode and connected with the app, you can check the real – time heart both on device and app.
11. Personal Information
Once connected, set  your personal information and save the setting.


1. No matched cell phone now?
The Trackers will be only compatible with the mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.Please make sure that the iOS devices with OS 7.0 or above the Android Devices with OS4.3 or above.
2.  How to set date of Bracelets?
Turn on Bluetooth, Pair the tracker with the APP, The tracker time will be set automatically upon successfully paired.
3. How to synchronize data?
When the tracker is successfully paired with the app, The date will be synchronized automatically.
4. How do I know whether the tracker is connected to the app successfully?
The Bluetooth icon in the right top corner of main page will show the Bluetooth connection status.You can click this icon to connect and disconnect the Bluetooth.
5. Couldn’t synchronize the data?
If you couldn’t connect the tracker with the app, Please check the following:
 a) Make sure that your mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, The iOS devices with OS 7.0 pr above and the Android devices with OS4.3 or above;
 b) Make sure that your mobile device has enough battery;
 c) Make sure the system Bluetooth of the mobile device is on;
 d) Make sure the mobile device is connected with WIFI or 4G;
 e) If all the 4 issues is confirmed, Please restart the mobile device and connect the tracker again.
6.  How do I monitor the sleep quality?
When you fall asleep wearing the tracker, It will monitor sleep automatically.When you wake up, Connect the APP, Go to [Sleep]-[Last day],you could find the record of your sleeping data.
7.  Why there is no sleep data when I wear the tracker during sleep?
 a) The bracelet cannot recognize sleep State if you too active when you sleep or you have sleep problems.
 b) If you sleep well or have less activity, It will be resting state.
 c) The bracelet is not fit to your wrist so that it cannot monitor the sleep state.
8.  What are Rest HR, Fat Burn HR, Aerobics HR,Steady HR, Anaerobic HR and Maximal HR?
Resting HR
Refers to the number of beats per minute when you awake and inactivity,which is an important principle of heart health.The normal resting adult human heart rate ranges from 60-100 bpm. The abnormalities of heart rate sometimes indicate disease for top athletes it can be below 30 bmp.An exceptionally high rest HR Can be a sign of over-exertion or illness.Fat BurnHR,Aerobics HR,Steady HR,Anaerobic HR and Maximal HR are 5 different exercise Heart Range to guide you training intensity. The intensity is calculated from the maximum Heart Rate. The maximum hear rate (HR max). is the highest heart rate and individual can achieve without severe problems through exercise stress, and generally decreases with age.
Fat Burning HR
In this range you are developing your basic endurance and aerobic capacity. This zone is great  for burning fat compared to the effort you put in. Other zones will also burn up your fat but you will have to work harder to burn up the same amount/
Aerobics HR
This zone is great for your cardiovascular system. This helps your muscles become stronger and more efficient and you develop your body’s ability to transport oxygen to (and carbon dioxide away from)your muscles. You should be spending the majority of your training time in this zone.
Steady HR
This zone just the extension of Aerobics HR, with the long time of the exercise, your HR will go up and better to keep on this state during exercise/
Anaerobic HR
Entering this zone is a sign that you have become serious about your sport. In this zone your bodybecome serious about your sport. In this zone your body develops ability to handle lactic acid. An anaerobic workout takes place when you are working so hard that your body cannot keep up with the production of fuel and oxygen and so you need to dip into your reserves. When you dip into your reserves you produce numerous waste products – principally lactic acid.
Maximal HR
Where and how often we place ourselves in this heart rate reserve will determine our fitness improvements. You obtain different benefits as you progress through the different subzones in your heart rate reserve. Before we talk about each of these subzones it is important to understand that they are approximation. One zone doesn’t finish immediately a certain heart rate is reached. The zones tend to meld into one another. Real benefits from the exercise tend to kick in as you move out of the bottom 50% of your heart rate reserve into your training zones illustrated in the diagram above.
 9.  Whey there is no heart rate Data?
The heart rate won’t work when the battery is too low or when the tracker is not worn tightly.
10. How to upgrade version of Firmware and APP?
Go to [About]-[Firmware Update] to check if there is any new firmware or app version. If there is a new version, Please follow the guidance to update the version.
11.How to turn on the notifications?
Go to [Personal Setting]- [Notifications] turn on or turn off the notifications.
12. Why notification doesn’t work when it is turned on?
First, make sure that your tracker is in the Bluetooth broadcasting range so that the app can connect successfully. Note:
Notifications function will only work when the app is on. For android OS, please make sure that your app is in the whitelist of the Software Management.
 13. How long will the call notifications vibrate?
The Tracker will vibrate for 30s maximum. The vibration will stop automatically when you answer or cancel the call.
 14. When I turn off Bluetooth, what kind of functions will be useless?
All phone notifications will be not available. The wake-up alarm, inactivity alarm and other customized personal alarm will be still working.


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