Track Steps,


Activity Time,

Distance and Daily Goal

Measure Heart Rate

Continuously with Five Heart Rate Training Zones

Monitor Sleep Quality Automatically,

Vibration Reminder for Phone Notifications,

Customize Your Smart Alarm for Better Habit



1. Download the App Go to Apple App Store or Android Play Store, download our “  BIOFIT  ”application. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone.
Important : Please ensure that your Android OS is version 4.3 or above and iOS version is 7.0 or above and the device has Bluetooth 4.0.
2. Activate the Device
Before use, place the battery charger to charging the device for activation. The progress bar will change from empty to full to indicate full activation.
After activation, the device will start charging the battery.
3. Battery Charge
The battery indicator is displayed on the home screen of the device. In Heart Rate mode, when the battery of the device is lower than 40%, the heart
rate function will be closed and lower battery icon will show as below to remind you to charge the battery. You can still use the activity mode although the heart rate function is closed. In activity mode, when the battery of the device is lower than 10%, all functions are closed and only lower battery icon will show as below to remind you to charge the battery.
4. Activity Mode 
Touch the screen to cycle through each function display.
5. Heart Rate Mode
Long touch the screen for 3 seconds to enter into Heart Rate Mode at the heart rate screen, the heart rate icon will change from empty to full and then turn to
heart rate value. Long touch the screen again for 3 seconds to exit Heart Rate Mode to Main Screen. Please noted that you can only enter to Heart Rate Mode at the heart rate screen.
6. Sleep Mode
The device can recognize and calculate the sleep status without any action by
users. It will track your sleep hours and quality. If you wear the bracelet at the
night and set the alarm clock, then it will wake you up with slight vibration.
7. Phone Notifications
Set different notification on the app, the device will vibrate when users have incoming call, text message, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, QQ, etc.
8. Personal Reminder
Customize your personal reminder for better life habit, like pill time, drinking , water etc.
9. Set Workout Plan on App
Customize your workout plan on app, the device will gently vibrate to remind you to exercise more.
10. App Operation
a. Download the application named” BIOFIT ” From the Apple Store or Google Play and install into your smart phone.
b. Start using the mobile app with your Heart Rate Monitor
c. Go to “ personal Setting” to select Herat Rate Monitor in the searching  list by click “About Device”
d. Press the “HR Setting” to set your different Heart Rate zone
e. Go back to the home page and press Start and you are ready to go!
f. Heart Rate -When the device is in heart rate mode and connected with the app, you can check the real – time heart both on device and app.
11. Personal Information
Once connected, set  your personal information and save the setting.